WordPress - Step by Step to an Amazing Blog

I'll walk you thru installation, customization, content creation, comments, social integration, list building, SEO, and Security!

This course was designed specifically to help a writer create their very first, very own WordPress Blog. The course is designed for those with ZERO experience creating WordPress Blogs. In this course, I'll create a new blog, from scratch, and walk you thru, step by step, everything I do and everything you need to do, keeping in mind that you are new to this process and trying to follow along.

In the course, you will learn why you should use WordPress, how to select your domain name and hosting account, how to install WordPress, all about Themes, Plugins, Widgets, Menus, and Categories, how to work with Images, Audio, and Video, Content Management Techniques, your choices for Comment Systems and how to install them, how to integrate your blog with popular Social Media sites, how to create a Mailing List and setup Feed Syndication, Search Engine Optimization, Tips and Technology to Secure your blog, and much more in the Bonus Section.

NOTE: GoDaddy Managed Hosting is the host I have chosen to host my blog so parts of this course review the WordPress installation process on GoDaddy. Most of the course can be followed regardless of your host, but please keep in mind that I'm hosting the blog I'm using to teach you on GoDaddy.

Intended Audience: Students

Welcome and Course Overview
What you will learn in this section
Selecting your Domain Name - not as straight forward as you might!
Managed vs. Shared Hosting
Selecting a Host
GoDaddy Signup and WordPress Installation
Section 2 Summary
Section 2 Quiz
What you will learn in this section
WordPress Dashboard
Theme Installation
Customize your theme
More Theme Customizations
All about Widgets
Menus made easy
Working with Plugins
General Settings
Writing Settings
Reading Settings
Discussion Settings
Media Settings
Permalink Settings
Limit Login Attempts
Section 3 Summary
Section 3 Quiz
What you will learn in this section
All Posts Page
Creating Categories and Sub Categories
Working with Tags
Creating Content
Advanced Editor Plugin
Quality Content
Short Codes Plugin
Working with Images
Working with Video
Working with Audio
Addtional Post Options
Publishing Options
Using an Editorial Calendar Plugin
Extending Your Pages
Section 4 Summary
Section 4 Quiz
What you will learn in this section
WordPress vs. Facebook vs. Disqus comments
Facebook Comments Setup & Configuration
Disqus Comments Setup & Configuration
WordPress Comments Setup & Configuration
Section 5 Summary
Section 5 Quiz
What you will learn in this section
Social Media and your Blog
Bitly URL Shortening
Creating Polls and Rating
Social Media Feather Fix
Tweet This
Feed Them Social
Custom Twitter Landing Page
Section 6 Summary
Section 6 Quiz
What you will learn in this section
MailChimp Setup, Configuration, and Email Collection
MailChimp forms by MailMunch
Ninja Popups Setup and Configuration
Custom Thank You Page
Ninja Popups
Ninja Popups Continued
RSS Driven Email Campaign - Start
RSS Driven Email Campaign - Finish
Feedly Integration
Section 7 Summary
Section 7 Quiz
What you will learn in this section
Google Webmaster Tools Setup and Configuration
WordPress SEO Plugin - by Yoast
Submitting Sitemaps to Google
Image Compression
Website Analyzer by GrowthHow
Section 8 Summary
Section 8 Quiz
What you will learn in this section
Best practices for admin account name and password
Best practices for database prefix and how to fix it
Limit Login Attempts
Setting up .HTACCESS
Secure (WP Core, Themes, and Plugins)
Graphic Password
WordFence Security
Section 9 Summary
Section 9 Quiz
Course Wrap up
Why WordPress?
WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com
Bonus Section
Office 365 Email
2 Factor Authentication

What's included

  • 92 Video Lessons
  • 8 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Chris Phelps